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Pagame is a P2P payment solution created by PAGAMEmax L.L.C, Originating from the Dominican Republic and aiming for the whole Caribbean. Our payment platform concentrates on providing customers with secure, fast and reliable, user-friendly transactions.

Our Mission

To stand by our customers to protect their identity and information. Moreover, securely manage their transactions. Furthermore become a leading company in payments solutions all around the Caribbean.

Product Overview

Add money or cash out to your digital wallet
Easy to use home page to send money
Scan QR code to pay. User can share/print code
Easily browse transaction history including weekly and monthly totals.

In the Dominican Republic, the financial market is spiking with users who want to send and receive money. A third-world country where accessibility to banks is limited due to poverty. However, Wifi is accessible everywhere. Furthermore creating advantages for a perfect p2p platform.
PAGAME offers user friendly features to facilitate the use of everyday transactions. Our features focus on the customer experience to offer the fastest, easiest, and most secure way to send and recieve money.

Our Solution


By having a digital wallet you avoid being robbed or you having your card information stolen, this is a common issue in the world.

Digital wallet

Feel free to leave your wallet home. The digital wallet stores the users bank information while securely encrypting each transaction.

Contactless Transaction

Executing transactions avoiding the need to touch and spread germs or other illnesses.

Multiple Income Classes

Our app facilitates multiple income classes, whether you have high or low income. Additionally, as long as you have access to wi-fi and a phone, you can send or receive money directly.

Time Consuption

No more waiting for bank lines or having to go to the ATM. Make instant transactions at any time & place.

Easy for Business

Businesses will have their scan codes printed out promoting our app and ready to pay for customers.


Digital Wallet

Digital wallets, also known as mobile wallets, work by securely storing your device's payment information in an encrypted format. When you want to make a purchase, the merchant's point of sale machine will read the information from your phone and then complete the payment. Each transaction uses an encrypted, unique number that is transmitted to the retailer instead of your card number. Each transaction is then processed through a highly secured payment gateway usually managed by a large corporation, for example PayPal.

Double Verification System

Pagame's unique verification system allows them to not only verify their phone but also scanning their LICENSE, giving the user a quicker verification method while also ensuring the identification of that user protecting us from any fraud accounts.

Fraud Detection

Partnering with The DigiPay.Guru system give us an advantage by having extensive fraud prevention and detection system. An encryption key is associated with each mobile and is stored in both the mobile station and the application. All messages are encrypted using this key to prevent hacking.

Pagame Pin

Pagame has a unique personal pin system that user creates when registering. Every time the user makes a transaction they are requested to enter that pin, thus authenticating that the person sending that transaction is the owner of that account. Someone can access your phone but cannot send money unless they know your págame pin.

Upcoming Plans

First Launch
User/business P2P transactions
Encrypted security banking
User platform
QR Code
Customer service support
Version 2
International transfers
Implement phone recharge
Implement bill pay
Strategic Marketing
Grow Team & Resources
Version 3
Create self banking system
Implement cryptocurrency
Running ads
Reach nationwide scale

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